David Doctrine

The term “David Doctrine” refers to a system based on the concept that orthodontic treatment can be rendered in ways that make all aspects of treatment less traumatic physically and mentally, for any patient of any age. This philosophy has evolved as a result of the following:

  • Dr. Skarin’s personal orthodontic experience as an adolescent
  • Extensive training no longer the standard of present orthodontic training
  • Thirty-three years of completely hands-on treatment on thousands of cases
  • Thirteen years training Northwestern University orthodontic residents
  • The ability to self-assess treatment that Dr. Skarin alone has managed

From this vast collection of experiences, the highly personalized treatment of each case is developed utilizing the concepts, techniques, appliances, and patient/family management that allow Dr. Skarin to provide the best of care with the minimum of discomfort and trauma to the patient. Length of treatment, lack of compliance, and other issues unique to each patient that can affect office management are never a consideration in the quest to provide the best result possible.

This philosophy puts the patient’s comfort and results at the top of the priority list, as it used to be in years gone by. However, with the ever-growing emphasis on office efficiency as evidenced by the daily dose of mail touting seminars and courses on how to maximize the office bottom line while reducing chair time, it is increasingly difficult to find offices that provide the personalized care of Skarin Orthodontics.

It is important to realize that this standard of care will always be honored, because this practice will always be managed as a practice, not a business!

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